8 Foot Hazards to Watch Out for This Summer


While summer is certainly fun, the heat can be rough on your feet. Today Dr. Brandon Holloway and Dr. Travis Holloway of Amarillo Foot Specialists are sharing information regarding the most common foot health hazards that you should be aware of this summer.

With the right information, you can enjoy the beautiful weather without putting your feet at risk. Following are the top foot health hazards to be aware of during the summer months.

Walking Barefoot: Walking barefoot elevates your chance of infection or injury, and it can cause foot pain. For example, if you have high or normal arches, sacrificing the arch support you’d get with supportive shoes can be very uncomfortable.

Wearing Shoes With No Support: Flip-flops offer no support - they are very flat and make the foot work harder to keep the shoe on. Choose sandals that offer protection and support to your feet.

Swelling in the Feet: More activity, together with higher humidity and heat, means that many podiatrists see an increase in patients with swollen feet. To increase blood flow, limit salty foods and get a lot of exercise.

Sweaty, Smelly Feet: Hot, sweaty feet can be more disposed to infections. One suggestion would be to try deodorant - the ones that keep underarms dry can also work on feet. If the problem continues, there are stronger products that podiatrists can prescribe.

Exposure to Germs: If you're seeing the sights wearing a new pair of strappy sandals, you're probably not thinking about germs. But that's exactly what your unprotected feet are being exposed to. Wash your feet when you return home and apply some antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Sunburned Feet: Many people simply forget to put sunblock on their feet. If your feet do get sunburned, try treating the pain with a soothing aloe vera cream or cold compresses.

Athlete's Foot: To reduce your risk for this condition, wear shower or pool shoes as much as possible. Also, keep your feet as dry as possible, choose socks that wick moisture away from the feet, and apply sweat-absorbing foot powder when needed.

Blisters and Corns: The best way to prevent these problems is to wear supportive socks and shoes whenever you are active. If they do develop, blister pads and unmedicated donut pads can make tender feet feel better.

To enjoy a carefree summer, be on the lookout for signs of any of these conditions. Visiting your podiatrist at least one time during the summer can help keep your feet as healthy as possible.

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