6 Quick and Easy Foot Care Tips


Shopping trips, parties and family get togethers believe it or not, these outings can take a toll on your feet. Avoid the stress and enjoy it with these quick and easy tips from Dr. Brandon Holloway of Amarillo Foot Specialists in Texas.

1. Keep them warm. Wear socks with padding - maybe even two pairs at a time - if you are planning to be outside in colder weather for a lengthy period. Make sure your shoes fit properly and can accommodate the extra bulk from the socks.

2. Keep them dry. Wear socks that are made with wool/synthetic fiber combinations that move moisture away from the feet. This decreases the possibility of fungal infections, blisters, and other foot issues. Be sure to remove wet socks and shoes as quickly as possible.

3. Keep the skin on your feet moisturized. If the skin on your feet becomes cracked or dry, apply a moisturizing lotion to the top and bottom of your feet. If you have diabetes, don’t put lotion between your toes because it can create friction that may lead to infection and lesions.

4. Give them a break. A day of power shopping typically keeps your feet in constant contact with hard surfaces. Pressure works against your feet in stores and on sidewalks and parking lots, so give your feet a break every few hours.

5. Limit the time spent in high-heeled shoes. They’re fine to wear in the car during travel, but don’t spend too much time walking around or dancing in them. These super high heels change both your posture and gait and set the stage for injury to the muscles in your feet and lower legs.

6. Break in your shoes before traveling. Don’t take along brand new shoes and expect them to feel comfortable right away. When buying new shoes, trying them on with the appropriate padded socks and any inserts will help ensure a proper fit.

Inspect your feet regularly for any possible issues. Following these foot care tips from Dr. Brandon Holloway of Amarillo Foot Specialists in Texas will ensure that your feet are happy too! If you do encounter a problem, please contact our office as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.