Foot Problems Associated with Uncomfortable Footwear


We all enjoy fashionable footwear, but when fashion wins out over function, foot pain often follows. Because of the intricate anatomy of the foot, wearing shoes that are too tight can lead to a variety of foot conditions. Today Dr. Mark Thompson and Dr. Brandon Holloway of Amarillo Foot Specialists are sharing information regarding some of those issues.

Tight Shoes can Create Foot Problems

The toes are the main areas of the foot that are negatively affected by wearing shoes that are too tight. For example, ingrown toenails are often caused by wearing shoes that are either too narrow or too short. Putting weight against the nail bed causes the toenail to grow into the skin

Calluses and corns can also form on the toes as a barricade against a shoe that is too tight. A bunion – which is a more permanent disfigurement - can develop when you wear shoes that are too small.

In other cases, the effects of wearing shoes that are too tight are not visible to the naked eye. For instance, metatarsalgia is a condition that involves pain, most often in the ball of the foot.

A Morton’s Neuroma is a condition that involves tingling, burning or numbness in the toes due to the thickening of the cover around the nerve. It usually develops due to an irritation of the nerve, similar to how calluses form over a high-pressure area.

Our Top Tips for Getting the Best Fit

  • When shopping for shoes, go later in the afternoon when your feet are slightly swollen.

  • Every brand of shoe fits slightly different so it is important to focus on how your foot fits in the shoe rather than the size number.

  • The room at the end of your toe for a casual shoe should be approximately half of a thumb-width, and up to a full thumb-width for athletic shoes.

  • Avoid shoes that are too narrow as this can cause the sides of your foot to push out and beyond the sole of the shoe.

  • Be sure to choose a shoe that does not create points of friction against your foot such as rubbing on the tops of your toes or the backs of your heels.

We expect a lot from our feet, so the least we can do is to give them a break and avoid shoes that are too tight. If you are experiencing any of these issues or have questions regarding your proper shoe size, contact the office of Dr. Brandon Holloway and Dr. Mark Thompson of Amarillo Foot Specialists today at (806) 322-3338 to schedule a consultation.